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The idea for Today I’m Me germinated when the founder, Nickola Cooper, bought a quirky bag online thinking it would be the perfect way to finish off a particular outfit but when it arrived she was disappointed with both the quality and impracticality of the bag.

Always having had a love of accessories and the way they can completely change the look of the simplest of outfits she decided she could do better. With no previous background in either design or fashion she set about sourcing a factory to make her initial prototypes based on making something better than the product she had bought.

The first factory she worked with was based in East London and came with an E10 postcode which is where the use of E10 in the Brand’s identity has come from.

This initial burst of inspiration quickly took over and soon turned into a full time effort to create a collection of bags that mixed practicality with quirkiness and fun whilst staying affordable. This in turn led to the concept of looking at creative ways that graphics, colour and textures could be used in combination. 

From this, Today I’m Me started to create a look and feel that has since defined the qualities that every Today I’m Me product incorporates.

Discover our full range of bags on our website and they are also stocked by a small but growing number of retailers both in the UK and internationally.
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