Saharasplash September 2016

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Saharasplash September 2016

Today I’m sitting on a train back to London after celebrating my mum’s birthday back in Ipswich. I never really take the train anywhere unless it’s the overground, and I’m surprised by how relaxed I am watching the trees go past. It’s nice to have some time to catch up with no distractions, and I can finally write this in peace! 

So September was such a crazy mad month. It all started out with Paul’s birthday celebrations on the first of the month, and since then it has been full steam ahead. I’ve even found myself attending up to two or three events in a single day, I can’t imagine a point where I would be able to go back to doing an office job as well as the blogging! 

So let’s get down to the fun stuff- this month I attended a very interesting event with Yardley London to celebrate their new range of products. We had an 
origami expert show us how to make a paper flower which was very appropriate seeing as all my wedding flowers will be handmade from paper! I loved learning all about the art as well as trying out the amazing new range of floral scents. 


I also had the pleasure of attending an event with TOWIE star Jess Wright. She is the new brand ambassador for KISS nails and lashes, my absolute favourite brand for when I need a glamorous touch! 


There seems to have been a huge spike in beauty launches this month, I 
suppose to get ready and prepared for the most lucrative season that is now only a few months away! September also took me to a beauty blender masterclass which was just amazing. I learned so much and cannot wait to try out the new range from them. I’ll include a little tip for you at the end :) 

So finally onto fashion week. This was definitely the most busy season I have experienced yet, and also got the most  FROW action too which was incredible. The designers I saw include Ong-Oaj Pairam, VIN + OMI, Rocky Starr and Barrus. There is just too much content to fit into my monthly post so I’ll be doing a one off special London Fashion Week report so you can see how I styled 5 of the bags from the Today I’m Me collections. 


Top tip from the beauty blender masterclass: 

When applying makeup/ concealer using a beauty blender, always soak the sponge in warm water and give it a good squeeze before using. This means that the makeup will not only apply onto your skin better, but the water acts as a 
barrier so that your makeup doesn’t get absorbed into the sponge, 
meaning you don’t need to use as much product!

Saharasplash for Today I’m Me x