Saharasplash August 2016

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Saharasplash August 2016

It has been yet another fabulous month! Lots of BBQ’s, tunes as I’ve been driving around with the windows down and of course lots of amazing thrills from the capital city! First up I have a new brand discovery- Fine Cocktails. This month I met with their sales team to discuss working together, and these guys will be making an appearance at my wedding! They are quite strong but so tasty!
Fine Cocktails Indeed…

I also hinted about something exciting in July to do with a new Roger and Gallet Launch. I was as curious as everyone else as the whole event was kept very tightly under wraps. But now I can tell you all about it- they are very soon to be launching exclusively at M&S this September with a brand new range inspired by their rich history. Patents of the Aura Mirabilis formula, this 4-step routine is a definite must for all beauty addicts out there! 

This month I got to do something very exciting- a Marinade Masterclass courtesy of Heinz sauces! A select group of bloggers met up at the Berber Q to get a mindblowing lesson in the culinary arts from Josh Katz. We made rubs and marinades and ended up feasting on everything we cooked until late afternoon! It was amazing. 

Moving onto the one where I visited FriendsFest- it was so great to chill in Haggerston Park for the opening day of this year’s FriendsFest. I got to hang in Central Perk, the Moondance Café and sat in all the chairs in Monica’s apartment. I now want to go on a huge marathon watching Friends, but sadly I have such a busy few months I doubt I’ll get a chance to until Christmas!

So coming soon we have London Fashion Week! I am very excited to be wearing some of the new Today I’m Me collections so keep an eye out for this on social media. I am also going to a candy making event too, very much looking forward to this one!     

Top Wedding Tip: 
Plan something special with your bridesmaids (bride) and groomsmen (groom) the night before the wedding. This will help not only calm your nerves if you have any but it will also get your nearest and dearest feeling even more excited for the big day. 


Until next time. 
Saharasplash for Today I’m Me x